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Welfare Cabins & Vans

The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provides guidance on welfare amenities and makes it compulsory for employers to provide adequate and appropriate welfare facilities to their employees whilst at work.  Be that when out working on the roads, on construction sites, on an engineering project, on a film shoot or any other outdoor location.

In effect, this means having somewhere to sit and rest, somewhere to heat food or water, having running hot and cold water, having seating arrangements that are clean and of course, suitable toilet and sink facilities. Welfare units provide this and more, ensuring your workforce remain in good health and good spirits.

We’ve several mobile welfare units to hire for any residential, commercial, institutional or industrial site use. Our self-contained, self-sufficient, standalone industry standard GP360’s welfare cabins are comfortable, compact and HSE compliant. We also have a number of welfare vans for hire.

Our welfare cabins are designed for up to 6 people and have a canteen area with seating up to 6, a sink, a kettle and microwave as well as lighting and a window. The recycled non-slip flooring ensure safety within.

This mobile welfare unit has a toilet room accessed from the rear and a handy drying area. 

The diesel powered 6kVA electric generator is within its own dedicated room to the rear and is controlled from within the welfare unit itself. This powers 230v power outlets within the canteen area and all units are supplied with current electrical installation test certificates. Other features include 12V LED lighting with PIR sensors, 12V socket and USB. 

They are one of the most secure welfare units due to their all steel construction with a double lock door and high security window shutters.

Once in position, the wheel and chassis gear is retracted using the remote control 12v electrically operated hydraulic ram and pin system to allow the unit to be lowered down to the ground for site placement and security.

The units are easily towable and lower to be flat to ground for both security and allowing almost step free access.  

We would usually service these weekly as the toilet is a recirculating unit but the replenishment of diesel is the responsibility of the hirer.

The dimensions are 4.9m long with the draw bar and 2.3m wide but allow another metre on side and rear for access.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. 

Welfare facilities include:

  • Elbow to wrist sink with hot and cold water
  • Blown hot air heating
  • Anti-theft locking system
  • Early low water warning
  • Self discharge/pump-out ceramic flushing toilet
  • 240V power sockets
  • Window ventilation
  • Kettle
  • Microwave
  • Drying area with garment hangers
  • 3 step hand care unit
  • Paper towel dispenser
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First aid kit
  • reverse monitor with camera
  • White noise reverse bleeper
  • Bluetooth telephone/SatNav/audio system
  • Twin beacons
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