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Portable Toilets

If you’re thinking about or have an event already organised; you’re going to need to make sure you have sufficient toilet facilities available for all those attending. Existing indoor facilities may not be enough, being able to hire portable event toilets means you can be ready for any occasion. Having plenty of clean, ready to use, fully accessible toilets help minimise queues to allow your guests attending the event to enjoy the event!

Portable event toilet hire is a huge part of our business. From weddings; birthday parties and local garden fetes where perhaps a single portable toilet is needed, to organised charity events; Dog Fests; British Motor Shows and more where 200+ portable toilets are needed; we can help. We have hundreds of hire toilets on hand to cater for every size of event.

We also have a range of portable toilets specifically designed for construction sites. Click here to find out more.

All our event toilets are green and easily noticeable, with the aim of fitting in to its outside surroundings. 

Inside, each come fitted with a loo roll holder and a hand sanitiser unit. There is also a handy interior shelf, interior mirror and a hanging hook to hold personal belongings. Whilst the rounded corners give a spacious feel inside, the toilets sit on a sturdy fitted base and have several features which help ensure clean conditions last longer and thus require minimal or no maintenance depending on the length of the event.

In order to understand how many portable toilets you may need, you’re best to work on the standard ration ratio of an 8 to 10 hour event being 1 loo to 80 people. It really depends on the number of attendees and duration of the event. Events lasting longer than this or, where toilets will be needed overnight such as campsites, will require more and we can help work these numbers out with you.  

In terms of space required, each loo measures 1.2m by 1.2m and can sit side by side securely.

Upon delivery we’ll make sure the both the toilet roll holder and hand sanitiser units are full in readiness for their use.

We’ve been supplying portable toilets for many years, our team work meticulously and can place them almost anywhere, fully stocked.  All you’ll need to think about is getting on with the occasion!

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