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Luxury Showers

As well as our luxury toilet trailers, we’ve a number of luxury portable shower units. They provide the ideal solution for overnighters whether on camp sites, or at festivals, weddings or any other outdoor gathering.

Our shower trailers are all luxury 4 bay units mounted on a trailer chassis.

Spacious inside, each cubicle provides a separate curtained area with shelf and hooks to store clothes and towels. Anti-slip flooring ensures safety and locking doors to ensure privacy. These portable shower units are well ventilated boosting a light and airy feel.

The units are powered by a 240 volt supply for the pump and a gas powered boiler. The water tank underneath will be full on delivery but in order to cope with larger numbers of people will ideally need connecting to a water supply.

We can supply a water bowser and generator if you are in an isolated location.

These Units are 6m long and 2m wide but need at least another metre for the steps once located.

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