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Events & Site Water Solutions

Event Water

We have been providing water solutions to festivals, sporting and summer events for many years. We have a range of both static and towable water bowsers which we can provide with taps, pumps, sinks and many variations depending on your event needs. The smallest of our bowsers is just 1,000 litres and we can locate these almost anywhere. Our bigger static tanks can hold up to 5,000 litres and we have the means to refresh these at any point during your event. Our water bowsers are cleaned and tested regularly along with regular testing of our dedicated drinking water supply. Copies of these tests can be provided with the delivery of your water if required.

Site & Bulk Water Supplies & Deliveries

Lakes Loos provides site water solutions across the northwest with regular, reliable fill ups of almost any sized tank. We have clean water tanks and drinking water bowsers along with pumps to fulfil your site needs.

Emergency Water Supply

With so many properties in the Lakes and surrounding areas being on private water supplies and the unpredictability of our summers, we have the ability to deliver water to almost any property. This can either be delivered onto your drive into your tank directly by one of our 4×4 tankers or even plumbed in and pumped through your existing system. If you need water quickly, drop us an email or call us and we will try and get to you the same day.

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