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Have you an event organised or are you in the midst of arranging one? If you are, one thing on the list to sort is to ensure you’ve sufficient toilet facilities available for all those attending.

We can help tick this box off with our portable toilets and additional portable urinal hire for men. 

Let’s say you have an event where men may outnumber the ladies, having portable urinals for men can be highly beneficial. Event urinals can reduce queues and waiting times.

We have multiple 6 man enclosed urinals for hire. Similar to the portable toilets, they are green in colour to help blend in with the environment.  Self-contained and ready to use upon delivery. 

Portable urinals are open at both ends to allow for easy access and ventilation. These ends can be screened if needed, either by laying out the toilets carefully or with use of a separate screen.

Each 6 man urinal can cope with up to 1500 uses in one day and is an ideal complement to the portable toilets.

Each urinal comes with antibacterial hand wash or you may wish to consider a free standing sink.

These loos are approximately 2m by 2m and are accessed from either end.

Portable event toilet hire is a huge part of our business. From weddings; birthday parties and local garden fetes where perhaps a single portable toilet is needed, to organised charity events; Dog Fests; British Motor Shows and more where 200+ portable toilets are needed; we can help. We have hundreds of hire toilets and urinals on hand to cater for every size of event.

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