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Septic Tank & Jetting Services

Cumbria, Lancashire and the Yorkshire Dales have a proliferation of homes and businesses that rely on private septic tank and water treatment systems.

Lakes Loos deal with thousands of gallons of toilet waste every year so we are very experienced in this area. We provide a reliable and cost-effective emptying service for septic tanks of any size.

Our tankers vary in size, from 7.5t vehicles capable of carrying almost 4,000 litres of waste, down to Hilux mounted tankers which can get almost anywhere (albeit with a smaller pay load). All our vehicles are fitted with pressure washers and clean water tanks to ensure that we leave no mess. This also means that should you wish us to inspect the tank or outlets we can clean these while on site.

After we empty your tank, we will give you a waste transfer notice for your own records. This is a receipt so that you know your waste has been disposed of at the most local treatment works.

Drain Clearance & Jetting Services

We offer jetting and unblocking services for any property, from schools and hotels, through to public toilets and site drains. On some occasions, it’s a case of needing a drain rod to clear a simple blockage or if it’s a little more involved we have a vehicle mounted jetter unit which can clear almost any blockage. As we are specialists in waste removal, we can also use our vacuum tanker to clear away waste and ensure that we leave everything flowing smoothly. 


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