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Accessible Toilets

Whether you’ve planned a wedding, a local garden party, a charity event, or an international event with 1000’s attendees; you’re going to be looking for toilet facilities for all.

Event planners and organisers have a duty to take positive steps to remove barriers to disabled people and to make reasonable adjustments where possible. As such, to offer complete accessibility to all.  Thus, one part of organising a public event is to ensure that the toilet facilities are indeed accessible to all.

(The Disability Act (2010) states that all attendees at any site have the legal right to access adequate facilities, and that such provision is a basic human right. The Equality Act (2010) states what is meant by ‘disabled’ – which can be defined as a physical or mental condition which has a substantial and long term effect on a persons’ ability to carry our normal daily activities)

To ensure accessibility at your event, we offer accessible toilets for hire along with our portable toilets and urinals.  Our accessible portable toilets have a wide door, are spacious inside with a flat floor, giving plenty of room within to manoeuvre comfortably. 

The large easy grip handles, toilet paper holder and rotary latch are all designed for ease of use.

They also house a reduced height sink and mirror. 

Our accessible portable toilets also have baby changing facilities and can be used as family toilets.

These units are 2m square but require a level area and plenty of space in front of them for the door to open. 

Upon delivery we’ll make sure both the toilet roll holder and hand sanitiser units are full in readiness for their use.

We’ve been supplying portable toilets for many years, our team work meticulously and can place them almost anywhere, fully stocked.  All you’ll need to think about is getting on with the occasion!

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