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Handwash Station

The date is set and you’ve mapped out the event location. Marquees, refreshments and invitations sorted. Next; the public washrooms.

Portable toilets, urinals and accessible toilets are one thing, but to really help minimise the queues at these, you can also hire hygienic portable hand washing sinks. Handwash stations are quite simply ideal compliments to our portable toilets. Not only that, they’re also very handy for those attendees who don’t require a toilet at that time, but, merely want to wash their hands.

We’ve a number of portable handwashing stations available. 

Each being two station units with space to allow for full fingertip to elbow washing.  Furthermore, the foot operated pumps keep hands free and with the clean and waste water sealed in separate tanks, full and proper hygiene can be observed. We can also provide soap and towel dispensers too.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help. We’re there to help ascertain exactly what, and how many, facilities are needed for your event.

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